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The colours went with you.

Toy Boats reduced me to tears tonight, absolutely powerful performance.


i think the stupidest thing about refusing to use the right pronouns is youre not even proving anything. a woman isn’t going to stop her hrt because you called her a he. a dude isn’t going to just magically stop being a dude because you called him a she. nonbinary people arent just going to be like “oops, you got me” because you misgender them

literally all it is is a petty power trip and you are nothing but a petulant child

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Hobart’s Greatest Hits http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/hobart100

my first tattoo. Polyphemus Moth done at Fish Ladder Tattoo in Lansing, MI

In the loop
Anonymous: ur hot

Sick, cheers.

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Real Friends - I Don’t Love You Anymore [x]

Shiny Master Sword - The Legend Of Zelda